Breville Barista Express on Beautiful Espresso Bar

Espresso with Breville Barista

By: Frespi Coffee

Breville Barista Express on Beautiful Espresso Bar
Espresso with Breville Barista Express
What do you need to pull a perfect shot using Breville Barista Express?
Breville Barista Express
Frespi Coffee (The Santumi Blend)
Small Glass
Distilled Water
Digital Scale
    Frespi Recipe
    18-20g of Frespi Coffee
    Breville Double Basket
    Grind Size 5-6
    2oz of espresso in 25-30secs.
      We know that the most sold convenient espresso machine was made by Breville Barista Express. It has a built in grinder that is easy to dial. We used Breville Barista Express as our espresso machine with our freshly roasted coffee The Santumi Blend and here is the instructions to make a flavorful espresso:
      • Turn on your Breville Barista Express to pre-heat your machine
      • Pour your freshly roasted coffee The Santumi Blend into the bean hopper.
      • Adjust your grind setting to 5-6
      • Using your portafilter push and hold the grind button for 5 seconds to flush old beans.
      • Select filter size to “Double”
      Attached the portafilter without coffee to the group head and press “Single Shot” this procedure helps to pre-heat your group head and portafilter.
      Grinding and Tamping 
      • Grind 18-20 ounce of Frespi Coffee into portafilter press and holding the grind button until you get the ideal weight using your digital scale.
      • Gently tap you portafilter to even the grinded Frespi Coffee
      • Use Breville provided tamping tool and tamp gently your grounded Frespi Coffee
      • Use Breville Razor tool to ensure you have the correct height of the tamped Frespi Coffee.


      • Place portafilter into the group head and twist it until it is firmly in place.
      • Using your digital scale, place it under you portafilter.
      • Put your small glass on top of your scale.
      • Press the “Double Shot” button to begin extracting your Frespi Coffee
      Measurement and Programming
      • Hold the “Program Button” until Single Shot and Double Shot buttons is flashing
      • Press “Double Shot” button to begin extracting Frespi Coffee
      • Use your digital scale and timer and aim for 2oz. of extracted Frespi Coffee within 25-30 seconds
      Espresso Profiling and Tips
      One sign of “Over Extraction” is passing the 25-30 seconds mark and not having the desired 2oz. of espresso. This will end to a very bitter taste of espresso.
      “Under Extraction” is when hitting the 25 seconds mark and having more than 2oz. of espresso.
      Breville Barista Express has a pressure gauge to measure your extraction pressure. Espresso ideal pressure is 9bar.
      How to know the sweet spot pressure with your Breville Barista Express? Try to hit the middle of the dark grey area of the pressure gauge. Passing the grey area means too much pressure and over extracting your shot, Under the grey area means under extracting the shot and may result to a watery espresso with a less crema.
      Adjusting your grind size to coarser helps you lower the pressure if you are over extracting your shot; making it finer grind do the opposite of over extracting your espresso shot.
      Tamping is important as well; giving too much pressure may compress your grounded Frespi Coffee in the portafilter that may result to over extraction. This give the hot water less space to come thru the coffee and building extra pressure in the process of extraction.