• Product Info

     A perfect breakfast blend for espresso, cold brew and drip

    The Santumi Blend is a perfect blend we made for our espresso lover and coffee pour over aficionado.

    We got it all for you, it is a blend of South American (Guatemala), African (Ethiopia) and Asian (Indonesia) fresh coffee beans. A medium to dark roast is the most ideal roast for our blend to produce the different characteristics of different beans together.

    The Name

    Santumi is not even a word. There is a unique and cute story behind that. John is the eldest of three brothers. All three siblings and both parents were wondering what it is like to have a sister/ daughter in the family.

    Summer of 2019 when John’s daughter was born. Together with his wife, they decided to name her after a Japanese name NATSUMI. “Natsu” means Summer, “Mi” means Beauty. Confirmed by Google and a Japanese friends, Natsumi means “Beautiful Summer”.

    Baby Natsumi is so adorable but a little extra when she cried that she kept the couple awake in the middle of the night. The extra caffeine in the middle of the night surely helped.

    Santumi blend is a well caffeinated blend to satisfy you. John was inspired by his sleepless night and jumbled Natsumi’s name to Santumi and The Santumi Blend is born.

    This coffee blend in his acknowledgement to his most awaited daughter and lovely wife who did the most sacrifice in nourishing Natsumi.

    Roast Level: Medium - Dark Roast

    Process: Washed, Sun Dried

    Elevation: 1200-1600 M

    Cup/Notes: Brown Sugar, Cocoa, Molasses