About Us

Roasted in New York and takes pride in providing high quality, FRESHLY ROASTED COFFEE consistently. Delivered with reliability and a passion for humans, cafe's and wholesale market.

Our team comes from diverse backgrounds, each specialising in various fields, providing effective solutions in all aspects of the coffee industry for our partners. Above all, we are passionate about sharing knowledge and helping individual and business partners succeed.

The Challenge 

Researcher and Scientist says coffee is fresh from 10-15 days only and consumable within 12 months. We are not part of those who did this study, and please don’t blame us.

Our observation and experience conclude that brewing coffee within that freshness period can extract more coffee characteristics.

How can customer have that experience?


Drinkable Coffee 

Sustainably made with zero pesticides. Special packaging. Just straight up coffee that tastes good and holds freshness. Made from delicious, special-grade coffee beans, freshly roasted the day they’re shipped to you.

Sustainably Sourced and Packaged

Coffee tastes better when it’s made responsibly and ethically. That’s why at Frespi Coffee, we are committed to only sharing high quality coffee that’s been sustainably sourced and made. but also, fair trade.


We are happy having you as part of our adventure. Join our community as we take you and inspire you from different stories we will encounter with our coffee journey.