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    A winning blend for the real champion, Cheerful Domestique is a blend of our Guatemalan and Indonesian beans. It is smooth and a well-balanced coffee blend full of rich caramel and milk chocolate flavor notes. Adding our Indonesian bean to the blend gives it a light smoky note to complete the morning cup for our bikeaholics.

     Do you have a mountain bike, road bike, commuter bike, folding bike or electric bicycle that you enjoy riding? Then is the perfect coffee blend for you.  

     In cycling, winning the Maillot Jaune of Tour De France, the Maglia Rosa of Giro D’Italia, the Maillot Rojo of La Vuelta a España, as well as winning one of the hardest one-day race Paris-Roubaix, are every road cyclist’s dream. In this road bicycle races, the team leader of each team is usually the winner. But, behind these team leaders are the Domestiques. These are the unsung heroes of the team.

    Domestiques’ main goal is not to win the race for themselves but to help their leader win. They set the pace, protect the leader from wind, chase down attacking riders, carry water and food for other riders, keep watch for potholes, etc.

    The art of cycling. In every cycling champion there is a battalion of teammates who build themselves as a ladder for their leader to easily climb to the top of greatness and you call them Domestique.

    ROAST LEVEL: Medium to Dark Roast

    ORIGINS: Guatemala and Indonesia

    PROCESS: Washed and Sun Dried

    FLAVOR NOTE: Milk Chocolate & Light Smoke