• Product Info

    Sunrise to Sunset Blend is to consider for a flavorful blend. The thick sweetness of caramel and hint taste of citrus make this blend a very interesting to have at any time you need a cup of coffee.

    A blend of Guatemalan and Ethiopian beans roasted in light to a medium level brings out its full potential of flavors that tastes like heaven. We made this blend for coffee drinker who love the energy of brewing coffee outdoor.

    A blend inspired by campers, hikers and outdoor lovers. Our coffee was grounded perfectly for your AeroPress, French Press , and any type of brewing like pour over on Chemex.

    Our Sunrise to Sunset blend is a great companion to relax while enjoying the calming gift of nature.

    ROAST LEVEL: Light to Medium Roast

    ELEVATION: 1750 – 2200 M

    PROCESS: Washed

    FLAVOR NOTE: Caramel and Citrus